Я хочу тут работать


Who We Are?

YECONS Technology Solutions has been found in 2012. When we started up this company, we were aware of our capabilities, market needs and required strategies. Who we are, what we do is not important but the main point is we know what we do and we do it for the market for years. Its time for you to join among our privileged customers and entertain leaving worries behind, relax while we take care of your systems.


The answer is a question, “Why to worry?”. We are having well experienced professionals. We know the difficulties that international companies  face in Russia while they are searching for high quality and cost effective solutions for their technology needs. Our product portfolio is not limited by Russia and the services we provide is world class.

What We Do?

Are you searching for an IT outsourcing? Then what we do is

  • We build your network, lay and terminate your cables,
  • We install, monitor, maintain, your office systems, computers and servers.
  • We build and take care of your data centers.

Are you building up a new office, business center, mall etc. ? Then what we do is

  • We design, build up and maintain your network topology for from small to big size projects,
  • We sell, install, integrate and maintain Access Control system, Video Security system, Fire and intrusion alarm systems.